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Ensuring Jobs for the Future - my blog from Davos

Last week was the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. While some media like to focus on the party lifestyles of the rich and glamorous — for me it's an opportunity to get down to work. I'm determined to make a difference – and together at this event are the people who have the power to do that; including the younger, emerging generation of business and tech leaders.

Davos round-up WEF 2013

From morning walk between meetings in Davos

Europe urgently needs the right jobs and skills – my mission in Davos

I'm off to Davos soon for the World Economic Forum. While I'm there I want to set out some more details on how we plan to boost Europe's competitiveness – and fill tomorrow's ICT jobs – with help from the private sector and others. Many people today worry about the economic climate we're in, and where the jobs are going to come from. But as the tide of unemployment rises, there's still at least one island of hope – jobs for ICT practitioners, where demand is still strong, and growing. That should be a great opportunity—but it risks becoming a liability. Because as it stands, the supply of people with the right skills is not growing in step. From 2006 to 2010, ICT graduates actually shrank by 10%; pretty soon, Europe could face one million unfilled ICT jobs. At a time of unemployment - wouldn't that be absolutely crazy?

Blogging from Davos - Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook

I "friend" Sheryl

While at the World Economic Forum in Davos this morning, I had an important discussion with Sheryl Sandberg, Chief Operating Officer of Facebook; we talked about protecting children, and new data protection rules. One of my priorities under the Digital Agenda is to ensure that children use new technologies in the safest way possible to learn, play, communicate and be creative. Facebook is already one of the parties to the EU's Safer Social Networking Principles. But keeping children safe online is a shared responsibility, for all sectoral players, wherever they lie along the value chain - they all have a role to play, depending on how their devices or services engage with children as users.
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