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Privacy Online: USA jumps aboard the "Do-Not-Track" standard

Photo under Creative Commons license thanks to Sean MacEntee

Good news today as the White House supports efforts for online service providers and web browsers to implement a "do not track standard"– just as we have been doing here in the EU.

Why we need a sound Do-Not–Track standard for privacy online

This really is privacy and data protection week! In Brussels there is the Computers, Privacy & Data Protection conference and the Commission is soon adopting its proposal for a reform of the European Data Protection legal framework (which I wrote about here). So today, a blog on how I want to ensure privacy and user control when you're browsing online: in particular, a standard known as "do not track" (DNT) that I hope will have a big role to play for the future of online privacy. First a bit of background: what is "do not track", and why is it so important?
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