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Accelerating tech innovation in Europe

Across Europe I know many people are working as tech entrepreneurs, using the power of digital tools to innovate and bring new ideas to market. I know many others would like to be.

Being an entrepreneur isn't easy: it's not just about having a bright idea, it takes hard work, and determination – not to mention finding the right people and the right financing. You need to be creative and fearless.

Checking out the Greek startup scene

Last Wednesday (29/1) I did one of things I love the most about my job: meeting inspirational young people.

Ensuring Jobs for the Future - my blog from Davos

Last week was the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. While some media like to focus on the party lifestyles of the rich and glamorous — for me it's an opportunity to get down to work. I'm determined to make a difference – and together at this event are the people who have the power to do that; including the younger, emerging generation of business and tech leaders.

Horizon 2020: Investing in our future

With nearly €80 billion on offer, the EU's new research and innovation programme, Horizon 2020, will be the biggest ever. Just last week we launched it, issuing the first "calls". And already now you can start to see the difference it could make to our future.

How we're building a Startup Europe: one year on

It's great to see all the innovators assembling at Le Web, Paris this year.  I'm sorry I couldn't be there with them – but was very inspired by what I saw going on. And it reminded me of my visit last year and the great chat I had with Loic Le Meur.

Wanted - innovators to take part in Europe's largest app challenge!

The EU is supporting an exciting opportunity: helping innovators – especially entrepreneurs and small businesses – come up with the ideas that could power tomorrow's internet, and compete for a prize pot worth hundreds of thousands of euros.

4,000 have signed to support a Startup Europe – have you?

Europe is the home of so much startup talent. And I think it's time to start celebrating and supporting it.

Guest blog - how the next big billionaire company can come from Europe

Joelle Frijters (CEO) and Janneke Niessen are two European tech entrepreneurs, respectively CEO and CIO of Improve Digital, founded  in 2008 in Amsterdam. In today's guest blog, they present their own views on how the next tech giant can be European.  Blog originally published here.   "THE EXCEPTION SHOULD BECOME THE RULE - How the next big 1 billion company can come from Europe by Joelle Frijters and Janneke Niessen Facebook. Google. Amazon. All born in the USA.  There is an ongoing discussion as to whether these kinds of tech giants could ever grow - and even more importantly stay - in Europe, or if the European cultures and structure actually prevent that from happening. Being co- founders of a European technology company, we think they absolutely can, but only if Europe is in for a serious improvement plan.

EU opening doors for startups - a guest blog from our Tech AllStar!

The EU's StartupEurope initiative aims to help European innovators start in Europe, flourish in Europe, and stay in Europe.  It's clear that one of the obstacles they face is that people don't recognise the nature (and value) of entrepreneurial careers - whether it's teachers, friends and family, or the politicians responsible for providing the right policy environment. Boosting that recognition is one of the goals of our Tech AllStars initiative  - and today's guest blog is from Pat Phelan, deserved winner of the 2013 award.

I meet some inspirational startups

A couple of days ago I had a great virtual "hangout" with a group of young entrepreneurs talking about the challenges they face – and some of what the EU can do for them; check it out for yourselves! And also this week I had the chance to meet a couple of young innovators from one Dutch startup; Yori Kamphuis and Friso Stoffer from cybersecurity company Coblue. I'm always interested in the culture and reasons that motivate people to set up their own business; and Yori's tale was particularly fascinating.


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