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Helping every region of Europe invest in a digital future

It's clear to me that we need the courage to invest in Europe's digital future. Today I saw two events that showed that very clearly. Both left me with a sense of how much there is still to do, but also a lot of hope that we can do it.

Have an idea to make your city smarter?

Do you live in a city?

It wouldn't surprise me if the answer is yes – after all, two thirds of Europeans do.

So here's my question for you – is your city "smart"? Does it operate smoothly and sustainably? Do you have the information you need at your fingertips? Are you engaged and involved in with the decisions that matter to you?

¡Felicitats Barcelona!

Congratulations to Barcelona and its citizens! ¡Felicitats Barcelona! – as today the city received the iCapital award for introducing new technologies that help the city engage with its people—and the people with their city.

This is a dynamic and innovative city - as I was reminded on my visit a couple of weeks ago.  Not just a place with great architecture, culture, and sunshine, it's also a leading smart city!

Wanted - innovators to take part in Europe's largest app challenge!

The EU is supporting an exciting opportunity: helping innovators – especially entrepreneurs and small businesses – come up with the ideas that could power tomorrow's internet, and compete for a prize pot worth hundreds of thousands of euros.

Innovating together – a great way for the EU to support its citizens

A few events this week showed how EU support is helping innovation help the lives of millions.

1. Active and Healthy Ageing

Smart Cities – Europe's NOBEL prize

I often blog about the capacity of ICT to change lives for the better, and make a real difference on the ground. Here's one very solid example of where it's saved energy, saved public money, and empowered people to take control: the pioneering NOBEL project Nothing to do with the Prize – it refers to the Neighbourhood Oriented Brokerage ELectricity and monitoring system. Aided by EU funding, last year, Alginet in Valencia, Spain got to try it out. A small town with just over 13,000 people, the energy grid in Alginet is owned not by a commercial company, but by a cooperative – whose members are the inhabitants themselves. And they were chosen to test out an "energy brokerage system": meaning that businesses and ordinary consumers could communicate their energy needs directly to energy producers – who could in turn optimise how they produce and distribute energy.

A new Partnership to make our Cities Smarter

You hear a lot of people talking about "smart cities" these days. That may not mean anything to you. Maybe you never thought your city was "dumb"? Well, let's see. In your city, do you think people consume too much, and waste unnecessary energy and resources? Is there too much traffic? Do you want to help the environment, but don't know the best way? Or are you fed up with not having information at your fingertips about urban services, and not having the power to improve them? Well, you probably answered yes to at least one of those questions. And by that definition, maybe your city isn't quite dumb – but it could probably be a little smarter.
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