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Vice-President of the European Commission

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The many benefits of eHealth

Imagine we had a tool to make our lives happier, healthier, more active and independent. We'd be crazy to turn our backs on it, right?

Check out this video about the many benefits of eHealth:

Have an idea to make your city smarter?

Do you live in a city?

It wouldn't surprise me if the answer is yes – after all, two thirds of Europeans do.

So here's my question for you – is your city "smart"? Does it operate smoothly and sustainably? Do you have the information you need at your fingertips? Are you engaged and involved in with the decisions that matter to you?

¡Felicitats Barcelona!

Congratulations to Barcelona and its citizens! ¡Felicitats Barcelona! – as today the city received the iCapital award for introducing new technologies that help the city engage with its people—and the people with their city.

This is a dynamic and innovative city - as I was reminded on my visit a couple of weeks ago.  Not just a place with great architecture, culture, and sunshine, it's also a leading smart city!

Innovating together – a great way for the EU to support its citizens

A few events this week showed how EU support is helping innovation help the lives of millions.

1. Active and Healthy Ageing

The EU campaigning for better, digital healthcare

Our health system is under constant pressure: the conditions it deals with are increasingly chronic and degenerative; ever busier doctors face ever more stretched resources. That people today are living longer is positive news, and thanks to a high-quality and dedicated medical sector. But it also creates new challenges, and calls for new changes. The answer may lie in eHealth – using digital technology for health and wellbeing. To embed those new tools into our healthcare system, we need to work together. Today I met some of the people who are doing that.

Partners across Europe commit to work together for active & healthy ageing

Innovation for healthcare offers us amazing possibilities - in particular on solutions to help the elderly live with independence and dignity. But to implement them effectively takes cooperation from all sectors.

2012: a year to help people stay active and healthy for longer

2012 Is the European year of Active Ageing and solidarity between generationslaunched today. It couldn't come at more important moment. Today most of us realise that staying active is the key to a healthy life. And I, for one, am proof that you can enjoy leading a full life at the age of 70. I believe that we should be allowed to continue being active long after official retirement age - and I think I'm not the only one. And it doesn't have to mean paid work – it can also be volunteering, helping out in the community or pursuing a hobby – whatever it is, staying active means you are more likely to stay healthy and independent for longer.

ICT delivering 45% reduction in mortality rates – great news from the UK

I was very pleased to read recently about the promising results of a programme in the UK which shows the enormous potential if we integrate ICT into health care more deeply.
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