Neelie KROES
Vice-President of the European Commission

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How we're boosting trust in the cloud, post PRISM

Recent reports like about the PRISM programme bring to everyone's mind issues of security. The College of Commissioners recently discussed specific allegations about the US surveillance of EU premises; we are seeking urgent clarifications from the US. But for many people, this has brought this issue to the front: people are understandably concerned. And they are asking more general questions like: is my online data is free from hacking and spying? And: what measures can I take to stay secure online? Those are the right questions to ask.  And it is especially important as people and companies are storing more and more data in the cloud. The benefits of cloud computing are immense: but that's precisely why it's so important to restore trust. And the cloud is something particularly on my mind as I head off to Tallinn for our European Cloud Partnership.

A step forward for cloud computing - safe and fair contract terms

Politics is all about implementation. And today we have taken another step forward in implementing our European Cloud Strategy.
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