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New state aid rules cut red tape and make it easier to invest in an innovative future

Good news for all those investing in broadband and digital! The Commission is coming out with a series of measures on state aid – broadly, the rules that determine when governments can use taxpayer's money to fund particular sectors.

State aid rules are there for a good reason – to avoid distorting our competitive single market, and avoid a "race-to-the-bottom" that could be costly for taxpayers.

Net neutrality - safeguarding the open internet for all

My speech yesterday where I set out how the EU plans to safeguard the open internet for all.Watch below, orcomment on the text here.

Your EU rights as a telecoms user

A few years ago the EU agreed a package of measures for the EU telecoms market. Those delivered important new rules and rights for people who use landlines, mobiles and the Internet - and that means you! As is usual for such measures, those needed to be put into national law by governments before taking effect. And now, the remaining few national governments have confirmed to the Commission that they have done this – meaning these new laws would now apply throughout the EU. That's great news. It means that all EU citizens would now benefit from significant new rights, like:

Calling all small businesses with bright ideas for e-Health!

New technology can do a huge amount for healthcare. From telecare that helps the vulnerable be cared for without leaving home—to simple smartphone apps that let people take control of their own healthy living.

Broadband for all: new regulatory certainty to allow investment in the next generation

Regular readers of this blog will know how central broadband targets are to our digital agenda. By 2020, I want half of all Europeans with broadband subscriptions at 100 Megabit/s or higher. We're going to need those high speeds: and the "next generation" fibre networks to support them. Those great new great apps and services – like the cloud, smart cities, or e-Health — won't all be able to run properly on the copper networks that underlie today's ADSL connections. But choking off those services will choke off tomorrow's growth. We need strong, healthy companies to invest in the necessary infrastructure – and to compete to invest where it makes sense. You may recall that, starting last October, we consulted on how to use the EU's regulatory framework to achieve some of these goals, exploring a number of ideas and a number of models. And today I announce the decisions I am taking.

I meet Chief Information Officers and find out how broadband boosts business

It was really nice today to meet the members of CIONET again – IT leaders from businesses around Europe, showing what new technology and systems can do for businesses.

Are you a Tech All-Star? Now seeking EU start-up talent!

I was really inspired last year visiting Silicon Valley and seeing the fearless approach start-ups have over there.  In my many visits and events across Europe, I've seen that we have the same talent over here – and could start seeing the same kind of results, too.
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