Neelie KROES
Vice-President of the European Commission

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  • Cowin Workshop

    Tue, 18/12/2012 - 09:59

    The Coordination and Support Action COWIN, dedicated to the commercial exploitation of advanced smart systems technologies worthy of investments, organised the first COWIN workshop on “Accelerating value creation in Smart Systems in Europe” on 21st November 2012 at the European Commission in...

  • ICT 2013: Create, Connect, Grow

    Tue, 11/12/2012 - 10:00

    ICT2013 will bring together Europe's best & brightest in ICT research, with businesses old & new, web start-ups and digital strategists to chart a path for Europe's ICT research policy. Join us to share your vision for the future with EU policy-makers, and see the latest advances in EU-...

  • Putting accessibility at the heart of e-government

    Fri, 30/11/2012 - 00:00

    A new user-centric web-based platform, developed by EU-funded researchers, promises to bring down the barriers to accessing e-government services.

  • A low-cost, finger-nail sized radar

    Thu, 22/11/2012 - 11:31

    EU-funded researchers have squeezed radar technology into a low-cost fingernail-sized chip package that promises to lead to a new range of distance and motion sensing applications. The novel device could have important uses in the automotive industry, as well as mobile devices, robotics and other...

  • Business success: knowing the rules and making them work

    Thu, 22/11/2012 - 11:20

    Businesses may be run by people, but they have to follow rules. An EU-funded project is using semantic techniques to help businesses identify and adapt more easily the rules behind their operations.

  • France ICT: Plugging into a networked world

    Wed, 31/10/2012 - 00:00

    With a demanding consumer market, France is a tech-savvy, tech-consuming nation, and it is hardly surprising to find that French ICT and R&D organisations are involved in almost half of all FP7 ICT projects.

  • Toward the 'Future Internet', experiment by experiment

    Wed, 31/10/2012 - 00:00

    You may not notice as you surf the web, but the internet is a clunky thing, built on a mixed bag of technologies, some of them decades old. Upgrading such a vast network is no easy task, though the same trial-and-error approach that led to the internet's creation now promises to keep it expanding...

  • Beam me to my meeting!

    Fri, 26/10/2012 - 10:31

    Forget about crackly lines or blurry webcams. Video conferencing has just got a whole lot better.

  • Your views on Europe's Digital Future

    Wed, 24/10/2012 - 12:05

    Help us shape the Digital Agenda for Europe

  • Austria ICT: exporting ICT excellence

    Wed, 24/10/2012 - 10:35

    Their country may be surrounded by mountains and have no access to the sea, but Austrians are by no means isolated. Boasting over 6,000 km of rail tracks, nearly 2,000 km of motorway and six international airports, this picturesque landscape has an impressive transport infrastructure. Austria's...


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