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Wanted - innovators to take part in Europe's largest app challenge!

The EU is supporting an exciting opportunity: helping innovators – especially entrepreneurs and small businesses – come up with the ideas that could power tomorrow's internet, and compete for a prize pot worth hundreds of thousands of euros.

Our FI-WARE project is building the core platform for tomorrow's "Future Internet": using technological building blocks that provide "generic" functions. That means those that can be used by a wide range of different applications from all sorts of sectors: like cloud hosting, big data analysis, identity management or the Internet of Things.

We already have around 50 of those "building blocks" available, most of which are available in the FI-WARE Open Innovation Lab (“FI-LAB”). FI-LAB is a cloud where third parties can set up and configure virtual infrastructure (computing, network, storage) to run, test and validate their own experimental Future Internet applications. It also makes FI-WARE building blocks available for experimentation. All part of our public-private partnership on the future internet, with €100 million on offer for small businesses and entrepreneurs (an offer which itself has a deadline of 10 December).

But many innovations are waiting to be explored and tried out. And this is where you come in!

FI-WARE and Campus Party have launched a series of contests, with a combined prize fund of over €800,000. It's the biggest app challenge in the history of Campus Party!

We've already held the first contest – back in London, where contestants build applications on FI-LAB, demonstrating the technologies available to developers to experiment with for free. 

And now there are two new contests, each with €200,000 to give out. Those are on:

  • First, Smart Cities – tools that help run city services more efficiently, or help cities provide innovative services to citizens. And you can see some of the benefits here. So – do you think the city you live could be smarter? Do you have a bright idea to improve traffic, or make it a better place to live, to study, to work, or have fun? Then this contest is for you!
  • Second, Smart Business & Industry: applications that can help businesses, particularly smaller ones, manage themselves better. From better supply chain or production processes, to attracting more customers, or providing innovative services for small businesses.

The contests are looking for any kind of new applications within those two domains. And with just one constraint – the idea should build on the FI-WARE building blocks already deployed in FI-LAB.

First, you need to send in your ideas before 20 December! Up to 20 of the best ideas will get €2,800 each, and get to attend Campus Party 2014 in Brazil, to further work on and demonstrate their ideas, and compete for a share of the final prize pot of €145,000 for each contest. And bear in mind that, even in the first phase before 20 December, having a proof of concept already deployed in the FI-LAB will increase your chances.

I know there are lots of great innovators out there in Europe: and an amazing world of opportunities for tomorrow's Internet. So now's your chance to show off your bright idea and show what you're made of—enter the FI-WARE contests here!


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