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Vice-President of the European Commission

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Transforming healthcare: I meet the people making it happen

Europe is facing a healthcare crunch as populations get older; our systems need to adapt if we want citizens who can stay active and healthy for longer.

And many of the EU's initiatives are focused on helping that happen. Especially by using digital technology. Our eHealth action plan sets out a range of measures to support that – and I'm delighted that earlier this week the European Parliament gave it their seal of approval.

Plus our European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing is all about helping regions – in practice often responsible for these decisions – to support their older citizens, with a dynamic innovative healthcare ecosystem, and integrated health and care.

And today I was delighted to meet some top decision makers from the Dutch healthcare sector.  Because, like many of those participating in our Partnership, the Netherlands has much to offer here.  With outstanding health care, they are an active participant in EU work; so their international reputation spreads well beyond their borders, and indeed beyond the EU.  Meeting them today I'm convinced that they have much to show and share.

As with many other European regions, by making most use of digital tech, by integrating beyond and between traditional boundaries, and by sharing experiences with European partners, they could really show the way.



  • john van beek's picture
    IHTSDO, an intergovernmental association started by nine countries in 2007 now has 26 member countries, who work together in advancing standardized medical communication and record keeping. More countries will be joining soon. Lots of coordination work is happening in standard development organizations, and the Commission is taking an active role in all of this. As a for instance, epSOS project can be labelled a success. IHTSDO availed SNOMED CT to be used in record keeing and in communications crossborder. The Commission provided substantial support. We appreciate Commissioner Kroes' continued valuable support in promoting wider use of ICT in healthcare. Onwards, John Van Beek Chair Management Board IHTSDO

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