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New study shows huge importance of a functioning digital single market

A new report out today highlights the importance of broadband and the EU single market in stimulating vital economic growth – and sets out the need for European capacity in broadband infrastructure, cloud computing, big data, digital skills and other ICT-related areas.

That's something I've known for some time. And indeed we are taking action: from our work on the cloud, to building up skills, to new proposals on the telecoms single market.

But this report – independent, but commissioned by my services – is very clear on the risks if we carry on as we are. The EU is trailing the USA when it comes to ICT-driven growth and productivity. Catch up and the rewards are rich; continue to trail, and continue with a fragmented European single market, and future potential EU companies will simply emigrate to the US, or beyond. And take their bright ideas and bright opportunities with them.  

That shows just how much we need to deepen the single market in digital and telecommunications – and ensure more Europeans get quality connections on fast broadband networks.

In short: it's well worth a read. And I especially hope it will be read by those working on our proposals on the Connected Continent, the MEPs and national ministers who have the power to take those single market barriers away.

Check out the full report, executive summary and background report.



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