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Great video from David Puttnam: building tomorrow's highways

There are many creative ways of making the point about the role digital networks play in today's economy. In fact I was discussing it recently with David Puttnam – an award-winning film-maker, but also Ireland's Digital Champion.

And for him the situation today reminded him of a different, related topic people were discussing around 60 years ago … here's what he came up with!



  • @Neelie KROES: Thanks for informative share!
  • which shows creep/leakage of our digital life and perhaps unwarranted access to our personal and private secrets? Allegedly Mrs Ellen Richardson of Toronto was denied access to the USA based upon US Border Control knowing her personal medical data, story is in Toronto Star (thestar dot com) on Thursday 28th November? is this a unique case or a taste of the massive-interception digital society?

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