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4,000 have signed to support a Startup Europe – have you?

Europe is the home of so much startup talent. And I think it's time to start celebrating and supporting it.

You may have read about the launch of the Startup Europe Manifesto. (See my earlier blog for more details).

Today, I'm delighted to announce we reached the milestone of 4,000 signatures. 4,000 people committed and ready to make a change, benefiting Europe's entrepreneurial spirit and our digital future.

This is a great symbol. It's a real recognition that startups matter. And it's attracting a lot of attention.  I would like to personally thank everyone that made this possible, from the Startup Europe Leaders Club who produced the document, to the bloggers, associations, funding bodies, and everyone else who has helped spread the word.

If you already have signed – tell your friends! That way we can raise awareness and inspire future entrepreneurs to start in Europe, and then stay in Europe. That's a great way to ensure a brighter future - not just for Europe's entrepreneurs - but for a prosperous, dynamic European economy.

So if you haven't already, check out the manifesto website and show your support to the European startup scene!




  • Shawn's picture
    This is a great initiative to galvanize the European Startup scene and bring everyone together !

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