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25-30 November is Europe Code Week!

Care about coding?

Want to get involved in a cool new initiative to promote it across Europe?

My Young Advisors are a talented group of people advising and supporting me in my work. And they've been hard at work themselves.  They've come up with a great idea: Europe Code Week - a week of initiatives at the end of November (25th-30th) with a focus on coding – workshops, teaching, or just raising awareness.

This is really worthwhile. Digital technology is all around us – and learning how to programming it is (in the words of some great American innovators) like tomorrow's superpower.

In the Young Advisers' own words: "Coding is everywhere: whether you are creating a web app; simulating the formation of stars or the neuron pathways in the brain; sifting through LHC data for the Higgs boson, optimising GPS software; or wanting to revolutionise social interactions, access to information or global shopping behaviour".

In spite of this huge range of applications, this talent is in short supply in Europe. So boosting those essential digital skills is really important to our future.

There are already initiatives in countries across Europe. And I expect this coding community to grow quickly across the whole of the EU – because I know there's a lot of passion out there on this subject. Check out the website for events on near you – or to propose your own!

It's a great idea: so let's make it happen. Join us, join them and contribute to making this network closer to where you are.  But don't take my word for it: the initiative has a great website at - so take a look!




  • Chris Conder's picture
    Well they tell me coding is fun anyway! I enjoy messing with html but that is the range of my ability. I think its essential as abc, and kids seem to pick it up very fast. We need to bring it into mainstream education and help the next generation design the apps of the future. We need this in Europe, and then we don't have to rely on other countries. We need coders, and we need them now. Europe needs to get its act together before it is left behind. Reading this, you may think 'what has this to do with me?' but it is to do with all of us, we need to support any initiative in our circle of influence in any way we can, either in the workplace, as school governors, parish councillors etc... bring on the coders.

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