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Happy Chinese New Year!

CC license - Rainer Calderon

To all those celebrating Chinese New Year, wherever you are in the world, a very happy Year of the Dragon to you! A bit of research on the Internet (where else?) reveals that the Dragon is the innovative entrepreneur, intensely powerful yet flexible, and the bringer of great fortune (remind you of anything…?). All of which suggests to me that 2012 should also be the year of ICT! (See here for a more serious take on our ICT cooperation with a country that has come on a good deal in ICT uptake – now having over half a billion Internet users – but where there is still a troubling lack of progress in securing online freedoms).


ANTHONY's picture

happy new year china.
Jeff's picture

WTF? We're in Europe! Let the Chinese celebrate their "Year of the Dragon" if they have to—that's none of our business. Let's concentrate on our very european problems, there's a f**king shitload! Oh, as to "fortune": When will you resign? Please tell us! P.S.: This one's hilarious: > Finally, we decided to continue exchanging our experiences related to the development of a regulatory > system for electronic communications [...], and to develop exchanges on Internet security, in particular > on legislation, standards and awareness raising. Well, what does that mean? Introducing Chinese practice in EU's IT politics, like, wait, oppression of free speech and assembly, exhaustive online filtering, in short: massive censorship? What's the point, getting detailed instructions for setting up some sort of Great Firewall for the EU? Exchanging ideas about INDECT or other villainies? How could a sound and reasonable person trust a deeply corrupt and criminal government institution?
1848's picture

WTF! There is one issue that I'm not fully disagree with this commie commissar! Of course she's doing it all to undermine our Christian roots!

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