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Vice-President of the European Commission

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eHealth week - digital innovation isn't just for the young!

This week in Dublin it has been eHealth week. A chance to look at all the great things digital technology can do for health and care – especially as the average European gets older.

It can be things as simple as a smartphone app helping you take control of your own healthcare (I have a little gadget on my wrist that counts my steps for my exercise regime). Or it can be whole ICT-enabled living environments that make life easier and safer for the elderly or infirm, without costing them their independence.  And it's great to see some of the new ideas we're coming up with here in Europe, and how we can put them into practice to benefit all our citizens. First, I helped launch the eHealth Week itself. It's a pleasure to see that Irish Ministers are giving this issue the political attention it deserves. It's clearly something that matters to the Irish government: both as a country confronting its own health challenges, and as Council Presidency spreading this message to Europe. While I was there I got a catch-up on our European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing. One of the groups directly involved showed me some of their 37 good practices they've been collecting for integrated care. Those good practices are already bringing "real life" solutions that help around 13 million people; further toolkits based on them could reach 20 million citizens within the next 2 years. Plus, many of the most creative eHealth innovations come from smaller companies. Our SME eHealth Competition to find the best eHealth ideas among those smaller companies, attracted an incredible 212 applications. It was a pleasure to see such a strong field – and a pleasure to reward the most innovative and talented ideas. Well done all of you! And today I spoke to AGE about other work we are doing in the field of eHealth. Too many people see an ageing population as a burden: I see it as a triumph of modern science, and a blessing for our people. It does mean we need to adapt – like to deal with longer-term and degenerative conditions that call for a different kind of care. But equally, ICT tools give us an opportunity to make that change – as long as we are able to use them to the full. One participant during our event in Dublin asked a very telling question: "Why is all the ICT used by the banks?" And that's a good question. It's true that digital tech offers a huge boost for our economy, including the financial system. But it's time we realise how much it also has to offer for our public services and our society – if we dare to innovate. Twitter hashtag: #eHW13


agree ! bravo you are great
peter villas's picture

Good !  This reward list should be the beginning  ,   ,  the EU needs thousands of these new apps , for every Industry, including Health. Now that a EU smart phone manufacturer , Nokia, is starting a new platform, let's hope there is competition and new solutions, the EU wants it and needs it. With 500 million citizens, the EU must make sure there are developers for all platforms : Asha, Firefox,Android, Apple, Tizen, Blackberry, etc. , the potential is huge , now the developers and consumers need and want multi - gigabit broadband and Wi - Fi ac everywhere , support and tools to work, will the EU leadership see it ? Nokia courts app developers for its revamped Asha platform with a new SDK and in-app payment tool Mozilla VP talks Firefox OS, the threat from Tizen and low-quality HTML5 apps Samsung reportedly set to sell its first Tizen-based smartphone in 2013 And dear Commissioner , this must be evident after the incredible new reports about financial trading terminals , in place in thousands of EU financial institutions desks, that had tracking, hacking and snooping functions built -  in , and as the News Media reports below say , this is a federal and constitutional fraud , so we need and want alternatives and secure terminals today , thanks. Subscribers Fear Bloomberg Is Becoming Their Rival Privacy Breach on Bloomberg’s Data Terminals Treasury, Fed may probe Bloomberg News breach Wall Street: How Much Does Bloomberg Know? Bloomberg Admits Terminal Snooping Bloomberg users' messages leaked online Bloomberg snooping: Just looking at data can break the law
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In order to use the tools effectively we need ubiquitous connectivity for all, not just a few near exchanges. We need men and women of fibre to hammer this fact home to politicians and compete with the multimillion euro budget of the incumbent telcos who try to protect the obsolete copper assets that can never deliver a fit for purpose connection to many of our citizens. EHealth could save each country a fortune if implemented, and that would more than pay to lay fibre.
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Commissioner : Now that choices and options are in the conversation , another group of programmers and engineers are introducing another platform , and this one really can do it if EU consumers give them their support : Visualized: The Jolla phone's 'other half' kaleidoscope Rogue Nokia splinter cell drops its Jolla phone A-BOMB
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