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Vice-President of the European Commission

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The Commission changes to face the future: we launch "DG Connect"

Today, we launch some changes to the structure of the part of the Commission that leads on the Digital Agenda for Europe. I know changes in the Commission's internal plumbing might be of limited interest outside the Brussels bubble. But for me it represents and echoes something much more significant. Those of you who work in ICT will know it’s a fast changing environment. New policy areas emerge and rise in importance – like the cloud or internet security; research faces a new framework; and we must increasingly recognise how the Digital Agenda is transforming ever more areas of our lives. So to adapt and face the challenges of the next ten years, we've changed the structure and mission of the DG (directorate general); and we'll be changing the culture too. By being more flexible, with fewer managers, less fragmented, and better finding the links between policy and research areas.  Plus the DG gets a new name: "DG Connect" stands for the key areas we cover (Communication Networks, Content and Technology): and also shows how the digital revolution is connecting and linking up Europe. Changes come into effect in full on 1 July: more details are here.


  • Thanks for the encouragement. ConNECT is also becoming a new lifestyle, especially becoming an adviser :-(
  • ConNECT is also becoming a new lifestyle, especially becoming an adviser 

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