Neelie KROES
Vice-President of the European Commission

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Partners across Europe commit to work together for active & healthy ageing

Innovation for healthcare offers us amazing possibilities - in particular on solutions to help the elderly live with independence and dignity. But to implement them effectively takes cooperation from all sectors. For some time, we have been working to bring together everyone who needs to get involved - from doctors to medical device makers, from investors to ICT experts - to promote our vision of an innovation friendly, sustainable, affordable and high quality healthcare for all Europeans At the end of February, we asked people to commit - in writing - to concrete actions and deliver tangible results through partnerships. The response to this invitation has been impressive. We received close to 300 hard "commitments to action", and 60 locations willing to serve as  'Reference Sites' (regions, municipalities, health jurisdictions, etc.) for implementing the EIP actions. Requests have come from all EU Member States — representing close to 1,000 regions and municipalities in the EU – not to mention from other countries.  Altogether the submissions show that over 4 million European citizens could directly benefit from the Partnership; which is intended to have the critical mass to bring about real reform in the way we receive and provide care in Europe. And those commitments cover all the areas of active and healthy ageing, from prevention, to care & cure, to independent living. The response is fantastic, and very significant. After all, these partners are not bidding for EU money, but committing to invest substantial amounts of their own time, effort and resources to benefit their citizens and European healthcare. Moreover, each commits to join forces with others, which is right at the heart of what this European Innovation Partnership is about. The next step is for us to analyse the submissions, but already at first glance we can see the positive impact of this initiative. With the new proposals come many new partnerships, across different sectors, and at local and regional level.  We consider this a solid endorsement of our approach to deliver innovation for active and healthy ageing. I and my colleague Commissioner Dalli will continue to fully support this unique way of working together, to build a critical mass for change in Europe. (Added: see Commissioner Dalli's own comments on this great news here)


  • Commissioner Kroes :  Most doctors agree that physical activity is the best ,and for adults that won't bicycle or jog around town, physical therapy exercises like Pilates type exercises or similar are second to none in body strengthening and neurological support , from weak knees and hips to back and neck problems and depression because of these issues and others ,  Pilates type physical therapy is one of the best ... again , with swimming and bicycling and running, but if you cannot move around or time is tight, Pilates type exercises,  at home with a portable Pilates foldable machine - or similar -  is a great choice and under or after professional supervision. and many also suggest with'ai_chi_ch'uan Natural organic fruits and grains are also the key, and that's why Europe should make a complete plan to grow 100 % of all its food needs, as well as export some too ! On issues of privacy for the elderly ( as well as children ) , the social network Facebook has been asked by 2 USA Congress members and a House Committee  ( Rep. Barton and Rep. Markey ) to erase all private data from users, especially from children and the elderly, many of which have put a lot of their very private information on this social network ( and others ) without knowing that these networks were sharing their private data with advertisers and others, and in the case of Facebook, the executives of this network so far have refused to erase this private data , and dear Commissioner, what will the EU say about this ? Dear Commissioner : The best to your  team in communicating to the EU the need for a  Health Evolution,  in my opinion I would like to see everyone in the EU using only bicycles 2 days a week , doing Tai-Chi in the streets every morning and eating healthier , a real Evolution, for health and to cut the massive amount the EU spends in imported Oil and Gas, imported energy, now reaching the 300 billion Euros a year level, a huge amount of money that can be applied to training and new Jobs, to everyone's Future.
  • Debemos de cuidar a nuestros mayores, porque ellos son los que nos han dado el futuro que ahora vivimos y porque aunque sean mayores todavía tenemos una dependencia directa con ellos. Tenemos mucho que aprender de ellos puesto que tienen mucha sabiduría. Para ello debemos de posees las mejores tecnologías y que todo el mundo esté implicado con esta causa. Solo de esta forma podremos cuidar y mejorar la calidad de vida de nuestros ancianos. SE LO DEBEMOS TODO.

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