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NETmundial: let's get to work



From: KROES Neelie (CAB-KROES)

Sent: Wednesday, April 09, 2014 7:26 PM

To: ''

Subject: Proposals for the NETmundial outcome document


Dear colleagues,

EU laws that work for you. Broadband and more ...

How? By enabling and encouraging more cooperation between those different sectors – like telecoms, energy and transport networks. So they don’t have to embark on those expensive and disruptive projects unless they need to.

But this is not just about minimising hassle and traffic jams: really it's about ensuring better broadband. Today 46% of European homes still don't have coverage by fast "next generation" broadband. In rural areas just one in 8 homes have that coverage. That's really holding us back: we need to start rolling out new networks, cheaper and faster.

My thoughts on NETmundial and the Future of Internet Governance

In less than two weeks, I will be travelling to Sao Paulo to attend NETmundial, the Multi-stakeholder Meeting on the Future of Internet Governance. The purpose of NETmundial is to develop principles of Internet governance and a roadmap for the future development of this ecosystem. This international conference comes at a very timely moment in the debates on Internet governance and I commend the Brazilian government, and in particular President Dilma Rousseff, for taking this important initiative.

Open letter to Members of the European Parliament



I am writing regarding this week's vote on the European Commission's Connected Continent proposal.

If adopted, this will lead to ending roaming charges by end 2015 on voice, text and data, ensure more coherent rules on spectrum allocation, set out the principles of net neutrality in the open internet (no blocking and no throttling), strengthen consumer protection measures and develop innovative communications/telecoms tools for business users.

Got an airport WiFi story to share? - Twitter speaks

I knew a lot of people cared about Airport WiFi these days… but I didn't realise when I sent the below tweet on Wednesday that it would get quite so much attention.

"Like two halves of the brain": how we're working with the US

President Obama's visit to Brussels is a reminder of how the EU and US can benefit by working together.

A step forward in protecting the Open Internet

I am thrilled that the US Department of Commerce has announced that it will hand over control of some of the core Internet functions to the global multi-stakeholder community (functions like having the final say on the web's top-level domain names, such as .com or .de). This means the US Government is honouring a long-standing promise at a critical time for Internet Governance.


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