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The Digital Ripple Effect

Like in society, we want our web to be open, inclusive and accessible. However, upholding these democratic values online is easier said than done. 

Europe Code Week – join the hundred thousand and learn a new life skill!

Many people are happy enough just using digital tech – playing Angry Birds or using an app. Others want to take the next step – and create their own.

Starting on Saturday is EU Code Week – over one thousand opportunities to share or learn about this new life skill, across the EU and beyond.

A #FollowFriday for the next Commission

As you may know, my term in office as EU Commissioner is due to end.

Helping every region of Europe invest in a digital future

It's clear to me that we need the courage to invest in Europe's digital future. Today I saw two events that showed that very clearly. Both left me with a sense of how much there is still to do, but also a lot of hope that we can do it.

EU Top Jobs are being created everywhere: a Hungarian success story

Today, people in Brussels are talking about the EU Top Jobs. But here's a reminder of who's creating the real "top jobs" in the EU – startups with a bright idea and the right mindset . Not always in the places you might think of.

Today a guest blog from entrepreneur Peter Arvai, CEO of global success story Prezi, talking about how we can support and encourage European startups.

Success can come from the unlikeliest of places.

Protecting the open internet: the Internet Governance Forum in Turkey

This week has seen a very interesting set of events around the future of the internet in Istanbul.

The future of public procurement?

Our summer series of guest blogs continues with a contribution from Christian Lanng, one of my young advisers, on the difference EU project PEPPOL ("Pan-European Public Procurement Online") is making for the UK's National Health Service.  

Glimpses into the Future – the opportunities of e-Identification

Today, new legislation is published in the EU's Official Journal concerning eIdentification and Trust Services. That legislation represents a great accomplisment and a great opportunity for online services. Today a guest blog from Luukas Ilves, formerly in my team. He's from Estonia, and reports on the many ways eIdentification is transforming transactions back home. 


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