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Media freedom remains under threat in Hungary

A free and plural media is the foundation of a free society, and a safeguard of democratic tradition. The new "advertising tax" in Hungary shows it is still very much under threat.

Innovative Investment for a Connected Continent

Yesterday I was in Paris – at the launch of a new fast broadband project, "Axione".

As innovative as the Internet is – we can also use innovative financing to ensure it reaches every European. And what we launched yesterday was the first of a new kind of "project bond" for broadband. (See here for full details of the scheme).

FI-WARE is "open" for business! €80 million on offer for startups and small business

Are you a startup or small business with a bright idea for a new app or service? Want to get your hands on the tools to make that a reality – or the chance for a share of €80 million to get you started? If so, we have a great opportunity for you!

Whether it's smart cities or the internet of things – there are many great innovative ideas and apps out there. But many of them rely on the same "generic" enablers, basic building blocks from which you can create great things.

Ten Or More - top female talent for the EU top jobs

Below a text of the letter sent by myself and my colleagues to Commission President-designate Jean-Claude Juncker — about female candidates for the next European Commission. (Original letter here in .pdf).

Will decision-makers agree to build a digital Europe? – a blog for Digital Venice

(This blog appears in Italian in the Corriere delle Comunicazioni)

The Italian government has just taken on the Presidency of the Council of the EU — a great responsibility, and a great opportunity.

When it comes to building a digital Europe, it could not come at a more appropriate time.

Who's going to get the EU's top jobs?

One question is on everyone's lips at the moment: who's going to secure themselves the best "top jobs" in the EU?

So maybe you're interested in my views.

I'm not talking about who will head the EU's Institutions for the next 5 years. I'm talking about the skills that people need to thrive in tomorrow's labour market and get the best opportunities available – jobs that are creative, rewarding, fun. Those are the real EU top jobs.

Life begins at 50: keeping the Internet unified, open, and inclusive

I and many others recently met to discuss the future of global Internet governance at the NETmundial conference in Brazil. Next week is the next milestone in the roadmap we set out there: the 50th meeting of ICANN, and the High Level Governmental Meeting of ICANN's Governmental Advisory Committee on Monday 23rd.

My view on today's taxi protests and what it means for the sharing economy

Let me respond to the news of widespread strikes and numerous attempts to limit or ban taxi app services across Europe.

Many people know how outraged I was by the reaction of authorities and drivers to the emergence of services like ‘Uber’ in Brussels, Berlin, Milan, Madrid and more cities across Europe. (there are plenty of European competitors and complements by the way, like: DJump, Taxipal, Taxify, Hailo, BlaBla and more). But it becoming clear that there's a wider significance of this debate.

New state aid rules cut red tape and make it easier to invest in an innovative future

Good news for all those investing in broadband and digital! The Commission is coming out with a series of measures on state aid – broadly, the rules that determine when governments can use taxpayer's money to fund particular sectors.

State aid rules are there for a good reason – to avoid distorting our competitive single market, and avoid a "race-to-the-bottom" that could be costly for taxpayers.


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