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EU helps to mobilise investments for transport on the Europe–Caucasus–Asia corridor English (en)


European Commission - Press release Brussels, 28 February 2012 – Today the European Commission hosts the Transport Corridor Europe-Caucasus-Asia (TRACECA) Investment Forum to help attract investments into transport infrastructure between the EU and Central ...

EU support to the Europe-Caucasus-Asia Transport Corridor English (en)


MEMO/12/141 Brussels, 28 February 2012 The Europe-Caucasus-Asia Transport Corridor (TRACECA) is an EU programme, launched in 1993, to develop a transport corridor from Europe to China, via the Black Sea, the Caucasus and the Caspian Sea....

Road transport: the future of the internal market for road haulage English (en)


MEMO/12/139 Brussels, 28 February 2012 In a public hearing today, the Commission is meeting with stakeholders involved in road haulage activities. This hearing will provide first-hand information for a report to be drafted by the Commission in 2013, which ...

Zertifizierung von Passagierschiffen: Kommission richtet mit Gründen versehene Stellungnahme an Dänemark


Europäische Kommission – Pressemitteilung Brüssel, 27.Februar 2012 - Die Europäische Kommission hat eine mit Gründen versehene Stellungnahme an Dänemark gerichtet und damit den letzten Verfahrensschritt vor der eventuellen Anrufung des Gerichtshofs wegen ...


Tag des Notrufs 112: 74 % der Europäer wissen nicht, welche Notrufnummer sie auf Reisen in der EU wählen müssen – neue Informationskampagne


Europäische Kommission – Pressemitteilung Tag des Notrufs112: 74% der Europäer wissen nicht, welche Notrufnummer sie auf Reisen in der EU wählen müssen – neue Informationskampagne Brüssel, 10.Februar2012 – Ob im Skiurlaub, auf Familienausflug, auf Dienstreise ...


Siim Kallas Vice-President and Commissioner for Transport Europe's railways: on track to the future European Railway Awards Brussels, 8 February 2012 English (en)


SPEECH/12/75 Minister, ladies and gentlemen It is an honour to be invited back to this important award ceremony. Many congratulations also to this year's laureates – Karel Vinck and François Lacôte. As you know, the European Commission's vision for the ...

Airports: Coping with winter snow - statement by EU Transport Commissioner Siim Kallas English (en)


MEMO/12/84 Brussels, 8 February 2012 Snow and extreme weather conditions, particularly record low temperatures, have been severely affecting different parts of Europe over the last week. It has been a difficult time for the travelling public, as well ...

Safety of passenger ships: EU Transport Commissioner receives commitment from Cruise industry to fully engage in review of passenger ship safety rules at EU and IMO English (en)


European Commission - Press release Brussels, 03 February 2012 - Vice-President Siim Kallas, European Commissioner for Transport today was briefed by the board of the European Cruise Council about cruise ship safety....

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