PKW maut
German road charging (maut)


Statement from Vice President Kallas in reponse to media inquiries on study with compatibility with EU law

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IRU/EU Road transport Conference English (en)


European Commission [Check Against Delivery] Siim Kallas Vice-President of the European Commission responsible for transport Brussels, 9 October 2014 Ladies and gentlemen, Good Morning. My term as Commissioner for transport is coming to an end.

Liquefied Natural Gas in Baltic Sea Ports Projects English (en)


Tallinn, 25 September 2014

World Maritime Day 2014 logo
World Maritime Day focuses on promoting effective implementation of IMO shipping conventions


Vice-President Siim Kallas, European Commissioner for Transport and Mobility, urged further international cooperation to encourage flag states to accede to and apply the International Maritime Organization's (IMO) global shipping conventions. The theme for the 2014 World Maritime Day on 25 September is 'IMO Conventions - effective implementation'. As delegates from the world's flag states gathered at the IMO to celebrate this event, Vice President Kallas recognised the need for global shipping regulation and enforcement and thanked the Secretary-General of the International Maritime Organization, Mr. Koji Sekimizu, for the good cooperation between the IMO and its partners and the European Commission so far.

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Speech - Europe’s railways: on track to the future English (en)


European Commission [Check Against Delivery] Siim Kallas Vice President of the European Commission Speech - InnoTrans 2014 Berlin, 23 September 2014 Ladies and Gentlemen, This is my third time to speak at Innotrans - an event that has fast become known as the largest rail industry event in the world.

The future of electromobility in Europe English (en)


European Commission [Check Against Delivery] Siim Kallas Vice President of the European Commission Green eMotion Electric Car Rally Brussels, 18 September 2014 Ladies and gentlemen It’s interesting that people have been saying more or less the same things about electric cars for more than 100 years.

TEN-t core network corridors map
€11.9 billion to improve European connections


Today the European Commission has invited Member States to propose projects to use €11.9 billion of EU funding to improve European transport connections. This is the largest ever single amount of EU funding earmarked for transport infrastructure. Member States have until 26th February 2015 to submit their bids.

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Vice-President Kallas convenes EU aviation crisis cell to ensure full coordination English (en)


Statement by Siim KALLAS, Vice-President of the EC in charge of Transport, on Malaysian airline flight MH17.

VP Kallas
Vice-President Kallas convenes EU aviation crisis cell to ensure full coordination


"I would like to say again that we are all deeply shocked by the crash of the Malaysian Airlines plane in Ukraine, with the tragic loss of so many lives. Our deepest condolences go to the families of the victims.

What is needed now is an immediate and independent investigation into the causes of the crash. I call on everyone concerned to participate and to be ready to do whatever they can to help in this essential task.

In practical terms, this means that the investigators need unimpeded access to the crash site, and of course to the "black boxes", the flight data recorder and the cockpit voice recorder. Public trust demands a fully transparent and open procedure.

I have activated the EU aviation crisis cell so that there is proper coordination of the effects on airspace to guarantee the safety of flights. I would like to reassure air passengers that it is safe to fly.

But I completely understand now that the public is hungry for facts. The facts in terms of what has happened to MH 17 must be laid open for global public scrutiny.

And if it becomes clear that this crash has been caused deliberately, if MH17 has been shot out of the skies without regard to the deaths of so many innocent civilians, those responsible will be brought to justice."

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Taking Joint Technology Initiatives forward – a vital partner for innovation and growth English (en)


European Commission [Check Against Delivery] José Manuel Durão Barroso President of the European Commission First calls for proposals under the Joint Technology Initiatives Innovation and Investment Package Brussels, 9 July 2014 Dear Minister Stefania Giannini,, Dear colleagues from the Commission, Máire Geoghegan-Quinn, Neelie Kroes, Siim Kallas, Distinguished guests, Ladies and...

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