European Mobility Week: Vice-President Kallas calls for innovation to make hydrogen cars cost-competitive


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Zero-emission cars are no longer a distant vision. As part of European Mobility Week, Commission Vice-President Siim Kallas is today participating in a debate about hydrogen and fuel cell powered cars.

These cars offer the same benefits as battery electric cars: high energy efficiency, zero tail-pipe emissions and quiet operation. But their range is much longer, and refuelling quick, which makes them a perfect solution for both urban and long-distance trips. However, the sector is still maturing and needs substantial research and development effort to become cost-competitive.

This is why the Commission is proposing a budget of €700 million for centralised research, as part of the Horizon 2020 programme. Vice-President Kallas said: "If Europe does not want to be left behind in the race to materializing a low-carbon future, it must innovate. With Horizon 2020, we have a chance to turn brilliant ideas into viable products."

The "Drive 'n' Ride" debate is taking place today from 12:45 to 15:00 on the European Parliament's Esplanade in Brussels.

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