First Smart Mobility Challenge – and the winner is …


The first Smart Mobility Challenge winners

Vice-President Siim Kallas, Commissioner for mobility and transport, announced today the winners of the first Smart Mobility Challenge on European multi-modal journey planners. In the category of 'operational journey planners' the two winners are Idos and Trenitalia, and in the category of 'innovative ideas' the winners are Penelope Ventures GmbH and SNCF. The initiative aimed to promote the development of all-in-one journey planners, going beyond national borders and offering travel options combining different transport modes.

Commenting on the results of the vote, Vice-President Kallas said: "I strongly believe that these winners, but also all other participating projects, will help to widen the choice of multi-modal travel for all Europeans. This contest has also confirmed the remaining challenges ahead, and most notably the need for opening up access to travel data".

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Helen Kearns(+32 2 298 76 38)

Dale Kidd(+32 2 295 74 61)

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