Statement on winter snow preparedness – airports


Snow has returned to northern Europe, although the forecasters say this year may not be as bad as 2010. I am sure many of you will remember the snow chaos last Christmas. Overall, 35,000 flights were cancelled – more than in the whole of 2009. Tens of thousands of people were stranded. And there were major problems with baggage handling. Over the last twelve months we have had a number of meetings with representatives of major European airports. I made it clear in January that they needed to raise their game. I am pleased to say that their response has been positive. Serious deficiencies and weak links have been identified and are being addressed.


Christmas reading for transport geeks!


We asked VP Kallas and his team for suggestions as to what those interested in transport – "transport geeks" as they are affectionately called – might think of reading over the Christmas holidays. Here are some of the suggestions/recommended reading pdf - 50 KB [50 KB] as they came in.



Better airport package launched


The European Commission announced on 1 December 2011 a comprehensive package of measures to help increase the capacity of Europe's airports, reduce delays and improve the quality of services offered to passengers. The measures address the quality of services passengers and airlines receive on the ground before they take off and after they land (for example, baggage handling, check-in, refuelling), the transparency of decisions on airport noise, as well as the efficiency of the complex network of take-off and landing slots that make up every journey.


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