EU and Sri Lanka ink deal to boost air transport


The European Commission and Sri Lanka initialled today in Colombo an aviation agreement which will restore a sound legal basis for developing future aviation relations between Sri Lanka and EU Member States.


Republic of Moldova to gradually integrate into the European common aviation market


The Republic of Moldova and the European Union have today initialled a comprehensive air services agreement at a meeting in Chisinau, the capital of the Republic of Moldova. This agreement will open up and integrate the respective markets, strengthen cooperation and offer new opportunities for consumers and airlines. The Republic of Moldova and the EU will develop this "common aviation area" based on common rules in important areas such as aviation safety and security.


EU and Eastern Partnership region move forward with transport cooperation


Following adoption of the Commission's communication on renewed approach to transport cooperation (see IP/11/844), Vice-President Siim Kallas met transport ministers of the EU Member States and of the six Eastern Partnership countries on 24 and 25 October 2011 in Krakow, to move forward with transport cooperation between the EU and those partner countries.


Connecting Europe


The Commission adopted on 19 October 2011 a package for a new transport infrastructure policy. It comprises a proposal for the revision of the TEN-T guidelines and a proposal for a Connecting Europe Facility .


EU–Russia aviation summit: a way forward for more business growth and stronger cooperation


The EU–Russia aviation summit, taking place in St. Petersburg today and tomorrow, aims to enhance political, technical and industrial co-operation between Russia and the EU in the aviation sector. The two partners have a huge potential for strengthening cooperation in aviation which would generate substantial benefits for both sides.


Rail platform to address challenges for European rail sector


VP Kallas is meeting top-level representatives from the European rail and transport sectors during the inaugural meeting of the rail strategy platform. The platform has been set up to give strategic advice to the Vice-President on moving towards a competitive, sustainable and efficient single European rail area.


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