New tachograph rules will save companies more than €500 million per year


Brussels, 19 July 2011 - The European Commission has proposed to revise the tachograph legislation to make full use of new technological opportunities such as satellite positioning. This will make fraud more difficult and reduce the administrative burden, which is expected to save companies €515 million per year. By ensuring better compliance with rules on driving times and rest periods, drivers will be better protected, road safety increased and fair competition assured.

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Commission proposes to cut sulphur dioxide emissions from shipping by 90 %


Better air quality is on the way, thanks to proposals from the European Commission to lower the sulphur content of shipping fuels. The proposals should reduce sulphur dioxide emissions by up to 90 %, and fine particle emissions by up to 80 %. The benefits for public health will be between EUR 15 and 34 billion, far exceeding the expected costs, which are in the range of EUR 2.6 to 11 billion. With nearly half of Europe's population living in areas where EU air quality objectives are still not met, air pollution is one of the main environmental worries facing citizens.

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Commission launches new Neighbourhood Transport Action Plan


The European Commission today published a new Neighbourhood Transport Action Plan to strengthen transport links with neighbouring regions to the East and South of of the EU. The plan proposes more than 20 concrete measures, in the short and longer term, to make transport connections smoother, safer and more reliable. At the same time, it will deepen market integration to the advantage of both the EU and its neighbouring regions. The plan was presented on 7 July 2011 by Vice President Siim Kallas responsible for Transport and and Commissioner Stefan Füle, Commissioner for Enlargement and European Neighbourhood policy.

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Road safety: EU crackdown on drivers committing traffic offences abroad


Drivers will be punished for traffic offences they commit abroad, including the four "big killers" causing 75% of road fatalities - speeding, breaking traffic lights, failure to use seatbelts and drink driving - following a vote in the European Parliament today.

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