Transport 2050: Commission outlines ambitious plan to increase mobility and reduce emissions


The European Commission today adopted a comprehensive strategy (Transport 2050) for a competitive transport system that will increase mobility, remove major barriers in key areas and fuel growth and employment. At the same time, the proposals will dramatically reduce Europe's dependence on imported oil and cut carbon emissions in transport by 60% by 2050. Vice-President Siim Kallas said, "Transport 2050 is a roadmap for a competitive transport sector that increases mobility and cuts emissions. We can and we must do both. The widely held belief that you need to cut mobility to fight climate change is simply not true. Competitive transport systems are vital for Europe's ability to compete in the world, for economic growth, job creation and for peoples' everyday quality of life. Curbing mobility is not an option; neither is business as usual. We can break the transport system's dependence on oil without sacrificing its efficiency and compromising mobility. It can be win–win."


Majority of Europeans embrace green travel


Most Europeans are willing to compromise on the price and the features of their car in order to reduce harmful emissions, a new survey has revealed. A Eurobarometer survey conducted in all 27 European Union Member States showed that, for instance, about two-thirds of EU car users said it was likely they would compromise on a car's speed in order to reduce emissions. In addition, the majority of motorists (53%) agreed with existing car charges being replaced by new charging schemes based on the actual use of their vehicle. While most users choose to drive a car because of its convenience, nearly three quarters of EU citizens (71%) said they would consider using public transport more frequently if it would be possible to buy a single ticket covering all transport modes.


European Commission launches new-look Eltis portal on urban mobility


The European Commission has today unveiled the Eltis web portal, which features a brand-new look and is now available in eleven languages. The website - - is aimed at European professionals working in the field of urban transport, environment, energy and health. The new web portal acts as an urban mobility observatory by facilitating the exchange of information and good practice in the field of urban mobility in Europe.


Commission welcomes support from the Aviation Platform for long-term strategy for research and innovation in aviation


The European Commission has today welcomed the Aviation Platform's support for "Vision 2050", a long-term strategy for research and innovation in aviation" which is being developed by a group of European top-level representatives of the European aeronautics and aviation industry. They are working on a proposal for an ambitious research and innovation strategy to put Europe at the forefront of competitive, clean, safe and secure aviation by 2050. Vice-President Siim Kallas, responsible for transport, especially appreciates the industry's commitment to clean aviation, integrating air transport into seamless transport chains and striving for European leadership in the global business.


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