Open Skies – EU-US Breakthrough on Aviation Agreement


SiimKallas, European Commission Vice-President responsible for Transport, welcomed as "a major step forwards", the preliminary agreement reached today by EU and US negotiators on a 'second-stage' Open Skies aviation agreement.

"A process has been agreed towards the further expansion and consolidation of the transatlantic aviation market. Both sides have agreed to  increase regulatory co-operation, and remove the barriers to market access that have been holding back the development of the world’s most important aviation markets. Building on the success of the 2007 EU-US Open Skies Agreement, this draft deal represents a significant breakthrough in the process of normalising the global airline industry". In economic terms, the creation of a full EU-US Open Aviation Area has been estimated to be worth up to 12 billion euro in economic benefits and up to 80.000 new jobs. Negotiators also made significant progress in agreeing a new framework for jointly addressing the environmental effects of aviation, as well as advances in the areas of security, competition, and social matters. Vice-President Kallas will submit the draft agreement for approval to the Transport Council in June under the Spanish Presidency.


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