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1544 signed the Connecting European Facility declaration

The future of the Connecting Europe Facility is reaching a critical phase as, in the next few weeks, Member States are expected to decide the EU’s budget for 2014-2020. To support European growth and competitiveness, a number of business leaders have signed a declaration calling on senior EU policymakers to support and approve the Connecting Europe Facility.

The Connecting Europe Facility: the best MOVE towards economic growth

Europe needs to grow its way out of the economic crisis.Today, we commit our support to the creation of transport, energy and telecom infrastructure that interconnects Europe and we call for the creation of a Connecting Europe Facility.

We need to invest seriously in European networks and this will not be achieved without pan-European investments from the European Union budget. European money needs to be used better.

A Connecting Europe Facility will provide real 'added value'. It will help to build and complete the railways, airport links, ports, maritime transport links, energy grids, pipelines, intelligent transport systems and broadband networks that are essential for Europe. It will help to join up missing links and remove bottlenecks. These investments will generate growth and jobs, and will make work and travel easier for millions of European citizens and businesses. It will help to boost Europe's single market and provide security for further investment.

EU Governments and the European Parliament are negotiating the next EU budget. They have the responsibility to agree on a budget for growth. They will only be credible if the Connecting Europe Facility is properly funded. At a time when the global marketplace is becoming ever more competitive, Europe simply cannot afford to delay investments in its infrastructure. We need to connect to compete.

We therefore call on European leaders to fully recognize the added value of developing and completing the networks and urge them to endorse the European Commission proposal allocating €50 billion of the EU budget to create the Connecting European Facility.

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