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Statement by EU Climate Action Commissioner Connie Hedegaard on the political agreement of the Common Agricultural Policy


Field Hamois © CC BY-SA Luc Viatour /

"With this agreement a new principle has been established concerning EU agricultural subsidies and environment and climate change: Quid pro Quo. To receive payments the farmer must deliver some environmental and climate benefits back to society, back to the common good. If not, the farmer will lose 30 % of the support.  It is clear that public money must deliver also public goods. The new Common Agricultural Policy is now better equipped to face the challenge of climate change. Although the Parliament and the Council have diluted the Commission's proposal, this reform means that most farmers in Europe will now have to make extra efforts in order to receive the 'green' funding – 30% of the direct payment. In addition, also 30% of the rural development budget is earmarked for climate and environment measures encouraging innovation also in this pillar 2"

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