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Commissioner Hedegaard at Rio+20 to promote Sustainia100 sustainability solutions guide


Rio by helicopter II © iStockphoto

Commissioner for Climate Action Connie Hedegaard has participated in the Sustainia100 launch event of the sustainable solutions guide at Rio+20.

Commissioner Hedegaard – a member of the Sustainia Award Committee chaired by Arnold Schwarzenegger - welcomed the Sustainia100 guide, which presents sustainable innovation in various sectors, including city planning, energy, water and waste management, and transport. As a whole, the solutions provide a guide of the building blocks already available for transforming societies. The Sustainia100 solutions will be a tangible tool for sustainability professionals working to create desirable and sustainable societies.

“By 2030, the world will need at least 50 per cent more food, 45 per cent more energy and 30 per cent more water. These figures show that continuing with business as usual is clearly not an option. It would be very costly in economic, environmental and human terms. This is why we need a more sustainable growth model that captures the value of a country's natural wealth, of a clean environment, of social cohesion. Sustainia shows that many of the solutions are already there", said Commissioner Hedegaard.

Sustainia100 includes one hundred ready, available and sustainable solutions gathered from 56 countries spread over six continents. It constitutes a complete guide to innovative and scalable solutions instrumental in creating sustainable societies.



Connie Hedegaard participating in the 'Act Now' event and the launch of Sustainia100

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