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Connie Hedegaard: "Energy efficiency deal is an important step forward in our climate efforts"


Connie Hedegaard

On 14 June, Member States indicated their approval of a political agreement on the Commission proposal for an Energy Efficiency Directive. Commissioner Hedegaard made the following statement in welcoming this agreement.

"Increased energy efficiency measures mean increased climate benefits. Although the Commission wanted to go much further with our proposal, this deal is an important step forward in our climate efforts. The directive will help reduce our dependence on imported fossil fuels – for which the EU paid EUR 573 billion last year - and also create hundreds of thousands of local jobs in Europe. Now it is up to Member States to deliver - and bridge the gap between what was agreed yesterday and our 20% energy efficiency objective.

As part of the compromise deal, the Commission made very clear that our upcoming carbon market report will not only review when allowances will be auctioned during phase 3 of the EU ETS, but it will also examine other options for structural measures to strengthen the carbon market, including among others permanent withholding of allowances".

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