Connie Hedegaard: "CLIMATE-ADAPT is tremendous tool helping decision makers benefit citizens"


CLIMATE-ADAPT - Launch of the European Climate Adaptation Platform - Copenhagen, 23 March 2012

Today, Connie Hedegaard launched the European Climate Adaptation Platform (CLIMATE-ADAPT) in Copenhagen. She was joined by Danish Environment Minister, Ida Auken, and Executive Director of the European Environment Agency, Jacqueline McGlade.

CLIMATE-ADAPT is a publicly accessible, interactive, web-based tool on adaptation to climate change, designed to support policy-makers at all levels to develop climate change adaptation measures and policies.

Commissioner Hedegaard said: "This can be a tremendous tool helping decision makers to choose the best solutions to the benefit of their citizens. We are too bad at sharing best practices as well as information on what NOT to do. This new interactive tool will make efforts much more efficient."

The impacts of climate change pose significant social, environmental and economic threats to the European and global community. The hot summer of 2003 is estimated by Munich Re to have led to €10bn losses to EU farming, livestock and forestry. The current annual economic damage for the EU due to floods alone is reckoned at €6.4bn. Adaptation measures could avoid such damages at only a small fraction of their expected costs.

CLIMATE-ADAPT will be hosted and managed by the European Environment Agency in Copenhagen.

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