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Commission puts forward proposal on greenhouse gas accounting rules for forestry and agriculture


Lorries carrying logs © Stockbyte

The European Commission has proposed a decision to establish common EU-wide accounting rules for greenhouse gas emissions and removals in the forest and agriculture sectors.

Commissioner for Climate Action, Connie Hedegaard: "What we propose today is harmonised rules to account for forests and agricultural soils emissions. This is the first step to incorporate these sectors into the EU's reduction efforts. In Durban all countries agreed revised accounting rules for these sectors. The EU is now delivering with this proposal. The proposal will also contribute to protect biodiversity and water resources, support rural development and have a more climate-friendly agriculture."

Forests and agricultural lands currently cover more than three-quarters of the EU territory and naturally hold large stocks of carbon, making them important for climate policy.

With the proposal also comes the obligation for each Member State to adopt action plans on how they will increase removals of carbon and decrease emissions of greenhouse gases in forests and soils throughout the EU. A commitment for national emission reduction targets for these sectors may come later once the accounting rules have proven robust.

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