Connie Hedegaard visits Ford of Europe's manufacturing facilities in Cologne, Germany


Connie Hedegaard with Wolfgang Schneider (right), Ford Europe Vice President at the Cologne-Niehl plant

The European Commissioner for Climate Action yesterday visited Ford of Europe’s manufacturing facilities in Cologne as the company presented its progress in reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from its models.

The Commissioner toured the Cologne-Niehl plant where the Fiesta ECOnetic Technology model will be produced in the coming months. The Ford ECOnetic Technology features a range of low-CO2 technologies including Auto-Start-Stop and Smart Regenerative Charging.

The Commissioner learned that using the ECOnetic Technology, depending on the model, can limit CO2  emissions to a level of just 87 gCO2/km, already below the EU's 2020 new car fleet average target of 95 gCO2/km.

During the visit, Commissioner Hedegaard was informed that, by the end of 2012, half of all Ford cars will carry the ECOnetic Technology indicating notable improvement in terms of CO2 emissions and fuel efficiency.

Road transport currently contributes about one-fifth of the EU's total emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2), the main greenhouse gas. While emissions from other sectors are generally falling, those from road transport have continued to increase since 1990.

The visit highlighted the Commission's determination to work with industry to limit global warming to 2°C – by reducing CO2 emissions in ways that can foster innovation, growth and jobs.

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