Connie Hedegaard: "Horizon 2020 is good news for both the climate and our economic growth"


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In response to today's announcement of Horizon 2020, an €80 billion programme for investment in research and innovation, Connie Hedegaard made the following statement: "Horizon 2020 is good news for both the climate and our economic growth. A third of the entire Horizon 2020 budget will go to climate related research. This is more than 25 billion euro. And at least 60% of the total budget will be related to sustainable development. This will reinforce our climate and green growth objectives".

The Commissioner for Climate Action added: "This research budget helps the EU set the course to an energy-efficient, low-carbon economy. And this is all about jobs. This is also about innovation and competitiveness by investing now in the key economic sectors of the future.

With this proposal, the Commission supports Europe's determination to stay in the frontline of the fight against climate change. This will stimulate growth and create jobs here in Europe."

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