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Connie Hedegaard: "The World Energy Outlook 2011 shows that the world is heading for a fossil fuels lock-in"


World Energy Outlook © International Energy Agency

Following the release of the "World Energy Outlook 2011" by the International Energy Agency on 9 November, Connie Hedegaard made the following statement: "One wonders how many more worrying figures the world needs. The World Energy Outlook 2011 shows that the world is heading for a fossil fuels lock-in. This is another urgent call to move to a low-carbon economy by using the right incentives: carbon pricing, cuts in fossil fuel subsidies, more renewables and energy efficiency, and smarter ways of taxing."

"In Europe we have specific climate policies, binding targets both for CO2 reductions and renewables, and a price on carbon. And our results have proven wrong those who claim emissions can't be cut without sacrificing the economy", said the Commissioner for Climate Action.

She continued: "Delaying climate action is not an option and does not make economic sense. Hopefully the other major economies will have read this important report carefully before leaving for Durban."

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