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Connie Hedegaard: "The world is waiting for the US and the emerging economies to commit"


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After her participation in the pre-COP ministerial consultations that took place on 20-21 October in Stellenbosch, South Africa, Connie Hedegaard has made the following statement: ''The good atmosphere during this pre-COP meeting could not hide the fact that the world is waiting for the US and the emerging economies to commit."

And the Commissioner explained: "It is positive that more and more developing countries understand that the EU fights for more ambition. A second commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol with the EU and other ambitious developed economies would cover only 15 % of the global emissions. This is clearly not good enough. We need commitments also from the other big emitters.

We can build the bridge to the future through a second commitment period. But that only makes sense if countries representing the remaining 85 % are willing to commit in the near future. Therefore the EU pushes for a clear roadmap out of Durban."

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