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Statement by European Commissioner for Climate Action at the opening of the High-level Segment of COP-16/CMP-6 in Cancún


"Madam President,

Although the European Union was ready to commit to an international, legally binding agreement already in Copenhagen – and of course still is – we know that here in Cancún we cannot get everything done.

But it is absolutely imperative that we deliver something, something substantial. Something leading to immediate action. Something that paves the way towards the international agreement that the world needs to tackle climate change effectively. To come out of Cancún with nothing is simply not an option.

Over the last years we have managed to mobilize the whole world and get people from around the planet to acknowledge the urgency of this challenge. Seeing the pictures of palm trees and beautiful beaches, how would they judge us – the governments of the world – if we left Cancún empty-handed?

We owe it to them to deliver."

Full text of the statement and video

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