New EU ETS registry rules win approval from Member States


Connie Hedegaard, European Commissioner for Climate Action said: “This is a good thing. I am happy that the Climate Change Committee has taken the decision today. It proves that the EU takes action for the security of the registry users”

EU Member State representatives today approved European Commission proposals for revising the system of registries underpinning the EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) in ways that will make it more standardised and secure. The main purposes of the revision are to bring the aviation sector into the EU ETS from 2012 and to move allowances from national registries to the new EU registry, also from 2012. However, the revision also addresses the recent spread of fraudulent and criminal activities against the registries system (see IP/10/125) by including a range of measures that will allow Member States to combat fraud.

Following today’s positive vote in the Climate Change Committee, which was preceded by extensive consultations with Member States, the revised Regulation will be examined by the European Parliament and Council and formally adopted by the Commission as swiftly as possible. Most of the revision will apply from 1 January 2012 and will require extensive IT work before it can be implemented, but the anti-fraud provisions will enter into force once the revision is published in the Official Journal, which is expected to happen this summer, and some aspects may be applied immediately. The anti-fraud measures include giving National Administrators the significant new power of refusing to open a new account. They will also be able to suspend or close accounts, subject to an appeals procedure. The revision also sets out rules on the sharing of registry information at EU level with law enforcement agencies and other national authorities, which should make the fight against crime more effective.

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