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(06 - 05 - 2013)


Commissioner for Regional Policy Johannes Hahn is in Vienna on 6 May to attend public discussion events on the occasion of Europe Day.

Vienna is Austria's most important economic and urban centre (28% of Austria's GDP) with many university and non-university research activities and a business structure with many small and medium-sized enterprises. In this context, EU regional policy in Vienna aims at strengthening competitiveness and innovation in the region and creating jobs while respecting sustainable urban development. Networking with the neighbouring regions and other European centres also contributes to reach this objective.

Vienna is Austria's capital city and most prosperous region with a GDP per head of 61.5% above EU-average.


How does EU regional policy contribute to the region's priorities?

The EU regional policy programme “Strengthening the regional competitiveness and integrated urban development in Vienna 2007-2013” has a total budget of about € 50.3 million with € 25.2 million EU contribution.

Two key issues where EU regional policy helps is the application of research and development outputs and the support to small and medium-sized enterprises, from the creation of a company to networking and guidance through all business phases.

Mobility, demographical change and social integration are the main challenges in Vienna that EU regional policy contributes to face. An integrated approach for urban development that takes into account the social, mobility and the environmental aspects is required in big urban areas like "Gründerzeitviertel -Westgürtel", "Bahnhof Wien – Erdberger Mais" and "U2 Donaustadt – Flugfeld Aspern".  


Project examples:

Sharpening the competitive edge of Austrian SMEs: MINGO EU Investment: € 645,600

Mingo is a consultancy organization recently created by the Vienna Business Agency with the aim of assisting founders of businesses and existing SMEs. It provides consultancy, personal coaching, training sessions with experts, rental space at affordable prices, and a multilingual center. The Mingo Neighborhood Management strand supports urban development and innovative and sustainable projects. Companies having a migrant background represent 30% of companies and an information point “Mingo Migrant Enterprises” has been set up for them.


INiTS Universitäres Gründerservice Wien GmbH EU investment:  € 1.148.193

The INiTS project supports young academics ideas who want to create their own enterprise in innovative sectors like ICT, Life Science, Mechanics or Electronics. The only condition for support is to have an innovative business idea with a technological background. The project aims at offering services to promote and advise young Spin Offs in order to increase entrepreneurship. To date, 90% of the supported start-ups are successful in business.


Technology Center in Aspern:  EU investment € 2.595.356

With a 6,500 m2 surface, the Aspern Technology Centre hosts Small and Medium Sized Enterprises in the field of sustainable technologies. Offices, research infrastructure as well as premises for trainings and conferences are provided by the Technology Centre in order to better generate synergies and growth for the SMEs settled there. The Centre is built with environmental friendly materials in accordance with sustainable construction technics.


Local Agenda 21 Plus Vienna EU investment: € 922,440

This project is based on the principle of sustainable urban development at district and city level and aims at fostering new forms of cooperation and communication between citizens and politicians as well as a common policy making at district level. The participants assess Local Agenda 21 Plus Vienna as a new form of participatory democracy. The Local Agenda 21 relies on the following core principles: Sustainable urban development at the district and city level, intensive and broad participation of citizens and other relevant actors, new forms of cooperation, gender mainstreaming and diversity.


More information:

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