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Continental Greece

(07 - 02 - 2014)

Continental Greece

Commissioner for Regional Policy Johannes Hahn is in Continental Greece on 7 February to discuss with the Governor of the Region, Mr Klearhos Pergantas, representatives of local authorities and entrepreneurs how Continental Greece can best take advantage of the new cohesion policy for 2014-2020 with particular focus on innovative entrepreneurship and industrial parks as drivers for regional growth. Continental Greece is the 9th region of the 13 Greek regions the Commissioner has visited so far where he will also visit EU financed projects.

Continental Greece, located at the centre of Greece, is characterised by diverse geographical and cultural features. There are mountains, large forests, plains, coastal areas and islands, thermal springs and important cultural assets. Its economy is therefore also highly diversified. The abundant mineral resources of the region and its proximity to Athens have boosted the development of large industries in the southern part of the region; agriculture, livestock and tourism are predominant in the mountainous areas and islands.

These different types of economic development require an innovation policy that creates opportunity for diversification, increased synergies betweenactivities and sectors and valorisation of natural resources. To do so, productive links between university institutions, research centres and local businesses need to be fostered while use of environmental and energy saving technologies in businesses should be further promoted.


What are the region's priorities?

The region's priorities for the period 2007-2013 are:

- promote entrepreneurship and digital convergence

- homogenise the economic and social space

- safeguard natural and cultural heritage

- promote sustainable growth

- enhance links with adjacent regions


How is EU regional policy contributing?

For the 2007-2013 period, Continental Greece has been allocated EUR 514 million (EU contribution EUR 367 million within the Operational Programme 'Thessaly – Continental Greece - Epirus' which amounts to EUR 1.3 billion (EU contribution EUR 1.105 billion).


Projects examples:

Urban re-generation of the commercial centre of Karpenissi town: Total budget  EUR 2.8 million

This project which aims to highlight the aesthetics of the urban environment in the commercial centre of Karpenissi town includes an under-floor heating system using geothermal energy against freeze, urban tree planting, street lighting, signals. Its completion will facilitate access to the city centre, improve traffic conditions and create a more friendly environment for pedestrians.


Restoration of the southern part of the Monastery of Saint George in the Castle of Skyros island: Total budget: EUR 1.5 million

The southern part of the Monastery of St. George in the Castle of Skyros island was heavily damaged during an earthquake in 2001. As a result the area has to remain closed for visitors. The project concerns the restoration of the building complex of that part and comprises construction works/electric-mechanical works, maintenance and restoration of the surrounding area.


- Water supply of local communities in Thiva – construction of a water supply pipeline and addition of a new unit to the existing refineries: Total budget EUR 2.8 million

The project concerns the water supply of two local communities in the municipality of Thiva from the aqueduct of Mornos. A new connection pipeline of 22.000m and two pump stations will be built while a new unit is planned to be added to the existing refineries.


Further information:

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