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Region of the Week: South Aegean

Region of the Week: South Aegean


Commissioner for Regional Policy Johannes Hahn is in the Greek region South Aegean on 22-23 April to attend the Conference on Peripheral Maritime Regions of Europe (CPMR) Islands Commission General Assembly in Rhodes. On 23 April the Commissioner will also meet with the Governor of the South Aegean Region Mr Yiannis Mahairidis and representatives of local authorities and entrepreneurs to discuss how South Aegean can best take advantage of the new ...

22 April 2014 - Over EUR 74 million of Regional Funds for oil decontamination in Romania

11 April 2014 - Almost 85 million EU regional funds help to end digital divide in Mazowieckie

11 April 2014 - EUR 205 million euros of regional funds to upgrade transeuropean railway line in Poland

10 April 2014 - EUR 51.8 million of EU Regional Fund investments to boost Poland's Energy Security AND Europe's Energy market with high performance electrical grid between Poland and Lithuania

9 April 2014 - Investing in a Digital Poland: EUR 179 million of EU Regional funds approved

8 April 2014 - EUR 37 million of Regional Funds to boost productive innovation in Poland

7 Avril 2014 - 34,5 millions d'euros de Fonds Régionaux pour agrandir le port Est de La Réunion

12 March 2014 - Over €196 million EU investment to improve water quality in Poland and the Baltic Sea

12 February 2014 - More than EUR 150 million of EU regional funds for flood risk reduction and environmental rehabilitation of the Sarno River in Campania

5 February 2014 - EU Regional Funds support EU investment of €9.8m for a biomass-based power plant in Silesia

30 January 2014 - EU investments provide major boost for Poland's energy security AND Europe's energy market with high performance electrical grid between Poland and Lithuania

29 January 2014 - Almost EUR 55 million of regional funds to expand logistic centre in Bari

20 January 2014 - EUR 55 million of Regional Funds to improve road connection in Central Macedonia

23 December 2013 - Over €250 million EU investment in three major environment projects in Poland

18 December 2013 - EUR 200 million of regional funds to further develop Naples metro line 1

18 December 2013 - EUR 13 million of regional funds for a major productive investment in Apulia

17 December 2013 - EUR 144.5 million of EU investments to modernize urban transport in Slovakia

13 Dezember 2013 - EU-co-finanzierter City Tunnel Leipzig wird am 14. Dezember offiziell eröffnet

11 December 2013 - Almost EUR 83 million EU investments for improved road connection in Central Romania

10 December 2013 - Almost 264 million EUR of regional funds to develop public transport in three Polish major cities

6 décembre 2013 - 23,5 millions d'euros de Fonds Régionaux pour un complexe hospitalier à la Réunion