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Statement following "results-based" meeting between Commissioner for Regional Policy Johannes Hahn and Hungary's State Secretary Janos Lazar


Statement following

Hungary's present and future structural funds planning was the subject of a meeting, afterwards described by Commissioner Hahn as "results based and constructive."  


Commissioner Hahn said, "Structural funds account for more than 90 % share of public investment in Hungary so it is right that this was a very results based meeting."

 "I welcome the complete draft of the partnership agreement to plan the investments for 2014-20. We will work together to produce a final version but I have congratulated the minister as Hungary was one of the first member states to submit a "mature" complete draft.

 Regarding the challenge not to lost funds in this period the Commissioner said, "I often say that it is not my aim to save money - it is to spend and invest it in a smart and sustainable way. We are working closely with the Hungarian authorities to minimise the risk. "

The Commissioner added, "The meeting also gave us an opportunity to resolve some other pressing issues. I am pleased that Hungary accepts the financial corrections proposed by my services. This is in view of concerns over the past system of tendering contracts.

Importantly this means the money corrected is not lost and it allows Hungary to reinvest the money in other projects.

It also means once the corrective actions, are verified and assessed, payments can be resumed for the Programmes concerned -and that, in a matter of days.

 "I'd like to reiterate and emphasise that while I know that interruptions are a big issue in member states, particularly those who depend on structural funds - I would like to underline that there is nothing unusual in this practice."

 "To put it in perspective: for 2013 so far, there have been around 100 interruptions for operational Programmes. "