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'East Macedonia Thrace is a showcase for the rest of Greece'

(13 June 2013)

'East Macedonia Thrace is a showcase for the rest of Greece'

Speaking to a gathering of business and local representatives on 12 June in the city of Komotini in the Greek region East Macedonia Thrace, Commissioner Hahn said, "This visit represents the next phase in my promise to visit all the Greek regions. In many ways East Macedonia Thrace is a showcase for the rest of Greece. What I have heard so far on the region's plans for how they want to use EU structural funds in the future is extremely promising.

The development of the region as a transit hub, the linking of its research centers and university to the business community - these are all key initiatives to support with EU investments.

This is about promoting the economy, supporting small and medium sized businesses to deal with unemployment - above all for young people, to give them a positive outlook, the possibility of prosperity in the future".

The Commissioner also met the Governor of the Region Aristidis Giannakidis and supported his efforts to adopt a smart specialization strategy and his readiness to translate the vision for 2014-2020 of a knowledge based, innovative and outward looking economy in a well-defined strategy, focusing on limited priorities supported by solid governance mechanisms. He finally visited EU funded projects in the region.