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Commissioner Hahn meets Turkish Chief Negotiator, Egemen Bağiş

(10 April 2013)

Commissioner Hahn meets Turkish Chief Negotiator, Egemen Bağiş

Johannes Hahn has met with Turkish Minister for EU Affairs and Chief Negotiator, Egemen Bağiş in Brussels today. In the context of a series of meetings with other Members of the European Commission, Mr Bağiş and Commissioner Hahn  discussed principally the future challenges facing Turkey  – specifically in terms of administrative capacity  – and the steps that still need to be taken before the eventual and possible opening of Chapter 22 of the Acquis Communautaire which deals with Regional policy and coordination of structural instruments.

Commenting on the meeting, Commissioner Hahn said: 'I am very glad that Turkey has come forward with its Action Plan setting out objectives in order to meet the regulatory and operational requirements deriving from the EU's Regional Policy together with a related timetable. This is a good step forward and constitutes progress.'

He added: ' There are now a number of steps to be taken which we hope in due course could lead to the opening of Chapter 22 which concerns Regional Policy.  But Turkey also now needs to take further steps to strengthen its administrative and institutional capacity  to ensure that it can fully benefit from EU Cohesion policy at the accession date.'