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Commissioner Hahn announces public "stocktaking" exercise of EU funded Pompeii Major project

(06 March 2014)

Commissioner Hahn announces public

A public "stocktaking" to measure progress at the EU co- financed major project at Pompeii will take place before the summer break, Regional Policy Commissioner Johannes Hahn has announced.

It comes as officials from the Regional Policy Department of the Commission also confirmed that the EU contribution for the major project will be raised to support  the vital preservation  work at the site which in recent days has suffered more damage through water infiltration. 

The EU co-financed major project , with a total cost of  €105m,  will see the upgrading of one of the world's  best-known archaeological sites  to ensure it is well protected and to increase the capacity for tourism. It will involve highly innovative preservation techniques to prevent water infiltration. Robust security measures have also been installed to examine in detail all contracts and tenders related to the project. 

Announcing the plan for a public "stocktaking", Commissioner Hahn said: "This reflects my personal commitment to the project and my determination for it to succeed. This site is not only one of the jewels of Italy's, indeed Europe's,  cultural heritage but also a vitally important job engine for the region of Campania.  We will not take our eye off the ball – and the Italian authorities must concentrate and get down to work" 

The original EU investment through the European Regional Development Fund to the overall €105m investment  was at around €42m, the rest from national money. But as part of an overall reprogramming exercise, the EU contribution for this project has been raised to €78m. The overall investment  of €105m remains the same. This means the national contribution is less, to help ensure the survival of the project.

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