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Urban Forum has endorsed an urban agenda for the EU

(18 February 2014)

Urban Forum has endorsed an urban agenda for the EU

Concluding on the two days Forum 'Cities of Tomorrow: Investing in Europe' that took place 17-18 February, Commissioner for Regional and Urban Policy Johannes Hahn said "This forum has endorsed an EU urban agenda. The work ahead will focus on what it should contain and how it should operate. By the end of the year the European Commission will present a draft urban agenda".

In April at the Informal Council on Cohesion Policy in Athens under the EU Greek Presidency Commissioner Hahn will present to the EU ministers some of the key conclusions from this week's forum.

President of the Committee of the Regions Ramón Luis Valcárcel Siso added: "Towns, cities and metropolitan areas are are powerful engines for growth and jobs and as such make a significant contribution to achieving both the Europe 2020 Strategy and EU economic, social and territorial cohesion. But at the same time they are confronted with complex societal challenges, such as demographic shift, climate change and youth unemployment. On all these challenges, the EU has been at the forefront of policy making, but too often its policies are territorially blind. What we request in this respect is a comprehensive urban agenda at the EU level that would embed a territorial/urban dimension in EU strategic thinking. If we are serious about achieving smart, green and inclusive growth, towns, cities and metropolitan areas should be able to fully use their competences and potential rather than getting pokes in their wheels."