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"Cities and Business" workshop at the CiTIEs conference: How business and cities can best cooperate for an integrated EU Urban Policy

(18 February 2014)

Among the numerous workshops taking place at the CiTIEs conference in Brussels today, one on "Cities and Business" was chaired by Commissioner Hahn himself. EU Commissioner for Energy Policy Guenther Oettinger, Markus Beyrer, Director General of BUSINESSEUROPE, Martin Powell, Head of Urban Development at Siemens, Nicolas Blain, President of the EU Committee of the International Association of Public Transport and Chris Vein, Chief Innovation Officer at the World Bank were participating in the workshop.

They discussed how business can best be involved in the implementation of an EU Urban Agenda and how urban policy can better take into account the views of businesses.  The Commissioner stressed that both cities and businesses have an interest in shaping effective developments and management of cities. They need to work closely together in developing an EU urban strategy that can be a model for other regions in the world. He added that EU Regional Policy funds in 2014-2020 will support an integrated approach of urban development in Europe, taking into account the social, economic and ecological dimensions.


"Commission President Barroso endorses the idea of an EU urban agenda and congratulates Commissioner Hahn on the CiTIEs forum to plot way ahead"