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"Europe's strengths are in its regions", says Commissioner Hahn at the 40th anniversary of the Conference of Peripheral and Maritime regions

(26 September 2013)

Commissioner Hahn attended today the 40th anniversary of the Conference of Peripheral and Maritime regions (CPMR) in Brittany, France. CPMR represents the interests of 200 million people across 28 countries, promoting a strong EU Regional Policy and an integrated Maritime Policy to contribute to Europe’s growth.

 “Europe's strengths lie in the capacity of regions to innovate and to reinvent themselves”, he said to representatives of over 160 European peripheral and maritime regions. Referring to the reforms of future EU Regional Policy, currently being agreed by EU institutions, the Commissioner underlined that the policy is expanding its traditional role of helping poorer regions to catch up and "assuming more and more the role of implementing Europe wide objectives like the Europe 2020 goals".

Commissioner Hahn finally praised outgoing President Jean Yves Le Drian for his energetic contribution to shaping future EU policy.